Thursday, May 1, 2008

Sue Scheff: Teen Drinking

By Connect with Kids

Research statistics tell a sobering story: 75 percent of 12th graders have tried alcohol; 30 percent say they’ve been drunk in the past month; and nearly 150,000 teens wind up in the emergency room each year with alcohol-related injuries. Experts say too often parents send kids mixed messages, saying “hey, it’s part of growing up,” or it’s “just alcohol.” But teen drinking is illegal and it’s a parent’s responsibility to protect kids from its dangers.

When teens drink, they drink to get drunk – and that’s what makes it so dangerous. On The Rocks: The Epidemic of Teen Drinking tells real-life stories … two girls who convinced their dads to help them host an 18th birthday party for a friend that turned into a drunken brawl, complete with police … of alcohol-induced comas … and other teen drinking escapades that led to accidents, crime and life-changing mistakes.

Too often when there’s alcohol, parents are present. Learn what you can do to stop the drinking trend.

Watch On The Rocks with your family and start an important discussion, armed with facts, details of real-life situations, and expert opinion about teen drinking and its effects. No one wants their kids to spend their childhood drunk – and it’s time to stop the trend.